Name: Ben Wellington
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
*Uncle: Thomas Wellington (Deceased)
*Aunt: Vanessa Wellington (Deceased)
*Cousins: Shea Allen, Trish Wellington (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Clint Carleton

Ben Wellington is a former friend of Brent's, and cousin to Trish Wellington. He dies being mutilated by a boat propeller in "Whap".

He meets Brent at a bar in Seattle, leaving Robin with a bad impression. He reveals to them that he is in town for Trish's wedding to Henry Dunn.


1x01 - Ben's Death

Ben is tied under the boat.

Ben dies in "Whap", being mutilated by The Tarapunga's propeller as it leaves port in Seattle.


  • Ben is the first named character in the series to die.
    • He is also the first named character to be killed by Henry.

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