Deputy Lillis

Name: Patrick Lillis
Age: Unknown (Deceased)
Portrayed by: Nicholas Carella

 Patrick Lillis (played by Nicholas Carella) is a deputy to the sheriff. He is a minor character with almost no lines. He is also shown not to take his deputy job seriously, as he tells Charlie Mills that he found Reverend Fain's hearing aid that he only noticed in the dirt when he needed to take a leak. Charlie Mills knows of his inconsistence and even asked how Patrick got hired, he tells him that his Uncle Ned was the best man at Mills' wedding.

In Episode 5, he is present when Sherrif Charlie Mills discovers the mutilated body of Reverend Fain in the river, only seconds before Thomas Wellington was killed at the wedding rehearsal. He is shown lowering the chandelier where the headspade was for further investigation and is told to photograph it and pull fingerprints off. He even comments on when Charlie Mills says on how Richard Allen's jacket contaminated the crime scene, with him saying he's glad its there and is in no hurry to see what's under it after seeing what happened to Reverend Fain. He is also involved in the capture of J.D. Dunn in Episode 7 with the people and hound dogs In the chase after him. He presumably died in between this and episode 11 as he is never seen again after that scene.


1x11 - Patrick's Death

Lillis' dead body was found at the church.


Splash, the remaining characters are hiding out in the church when Chloe discovers Lillis' corpse, his neck slit open by John Wakefield.